SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 2023 | 9 AM - 11 A

CLOSING CEREMONY HELD AT Threadbare Cider | 12 PM - 2 PM

who we are

The Garbage Olympics was created in 2017 by Renee Robinson, Alicia Carberry, and Lena Andrews as a fun way to build community in Pittsburgh neighborhoods while using competition as a motivation to clean up the city. The event was thrilled to be awarded the 2019 Neighborhood Image Award at Neighborhood Allies' Healthy Neighborhood Celebration.

2022 Garbage Olympics Planning Committee

Lena Andrews

Renee Robinson

Alicia Carberry

Omoye Aikhuele

Erin Tobin

Gisele Betences

Chris Mitchell

what we do

The event has grown over the years from five East End neighborhoods to over half the neighborhoods all over the Pittsburgh region. Prizes are awarded for most trash collected, largest team, weirdest item found, and most spirit. In the most recent Olympics, almost 1,000 bags of trash were picked up from city streets. This event helps neighbors come together to clean up their communities while participating in a citywide event. In the Garbage Olympics, everyone wins!

Previous Year's Winners and Statistics

2022: 48 Neighborhoods competed

1ST PLACE: Allentown 

2ND PLACE: Garfield 

3RD PLACE: Penn Hills

2021: 46 Neighborhoods competed

1ST PLACE: Penn Hills

2ND PLACE: Knoxville

3RD PLACE: Central Oakland

2020: 38 neighborhoods competed

1ST PLACE: Carrick

2ND PLACE: Elliot

3RD PLACE: Allentown

2019: 34 neighborhoods competed